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The way public order was managed during the G8 days of July 2001 in Genoa remains an open wound in the latest history of the Italian Republic.

Ten years after the assassination of Carlo Giuliani, the butchery of the Diaz school, the tortures in the Bolzaneto barracks, the violence and beatings in the streets of Genoa, those responsible were never identified. Moreover, officers in charge of operations at the time have all lead distinguished careers – as in the case of Gianni De Gennaro [chief of the Italian police in 2001], recently appointed Undersecretary of the Italian Prime Minister’s Office.

While the State acquits itself from what Amnesty International defined "the most serious suspension of democratic rights in a western country after the second world war”, on the 13th of July 2012 the Italian Higher Court (Court of Cassation) will decide whether to confirm or set aside the conviction of ten protesters. Ten scapegoats risking being definitely sentenced to a total of one hundred years of imprisonment, in the name of an alleged crime, that of “Destruction and Looting", which represents one of the many leftovers in Italian criminal law of the old fascist penal code (“the Rocco Code”).

An offence introduced at the time with the clear political intent of persecuting opponents of the fascist regime and now used to suggest the “psychic co-participation" of the defendants, without having to prove any explicit association between them. This leaves it entirely up to prosecutors and judges to evaluate, in political terms, whether the offence is applicable.

It is unacceptable for such a legal monstrosity to have survived 80 years in the Italian penal code and be now used to convict those who participated to political events as important as the Genoa 2001 protests against the G8 – events that saw the participation of hundreds of thousands of people.

More than ten years on, we will not let it end this way. We call on intellectuals, artists, scholars, single individuals, and on the civil society as a whole, to speak out and sign this petition, demanding the invalidation of the ten protesters’ convictions for destruction and looting.

This battle is about the freedom of us all.

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Alexander Grehn,

Phil Sun,

Thibaud M,


Jan Hertel,

Dimitris Karabikas,


David Freedom,

Annik / Annick ARCHER,

Karl Kleina,


Silvia Schiffgen,

Sabrina Cestola,

Sebastien Senechal,

Jakob Proyer,



R. Millis,

Sonya Jeffery,

Frederick Schminke,

Marcos Farrajota,


Elizabeth Bakker,

Tommaso petillo,

s. jones,


Marianne Adema,

Lorenzo Zanetti,

deuxant benoit,

Adri Hoogesteger,


Steve Mills,

Dr. David D. Johnston,

Ole Wiedenmann,

Yiannis Chrysouliotis,

Valentina Fulginiti,

Claudia Argiolas,

Martha K Pidcock,

Rocco Santangelo,

Candace Pidcock,

T. Kucera,

Michael Miller,

Dr. Catharine Thomas,

M Bennett,


Hans Bennett,


Woody Pidcock,

void network,

Chris McCabe,




Michal Řeháček,


Daniel Zamrazil,

Carlos Abrunheiro,

Dr Laurence Cox,

António Oliveira,





Uri Gordon,

Sture Bye,

Jan Chocholousek,

Cinzia Zagaria,

Peter Thomson,

Nick Maturo,

Claudia Moretti,

Emily Marsden,

Ivan Nový,

Uschi J. Belitz-Überschär,

terry narcissan,


j. van galen,

Mayra Romero,

James Baldwin,

Steve Gillings,

luca pesenti,

Giuseppe Montalbano,


John Bissett,

Mical Nelken,

Crumbelina Refusal,

Steven Csete,

Ed Schrody,


dragglock edna,

k mccarroll,


sarah mason,

Danny Tartaglia,


rob marriott,

Simon cucksey,

Elena Lloberas,

Gary LeHat,

Ian Williamson,

S Halliday,

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  2. daniela scrive:


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  4. stop persecution the protesters of G8 Genoa

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  6. [...] Italy. Ten years after the G8 protest in Genoa in 2001, after the brutality of police repression, the death of Carlo Giuliani, the tortures in the Bolzaneto barracks and the beatings in the Diaz school, all the officers in charge at the time are continuing undesturbed their careers. Only 10 protestors, randomly picked among the tens of thousands which took the streets on those days, are under trial and facing a total of 100 years of imprisonment. Court to decide on the 13th of July. Solidarity call: http://www.10×100.it/?page_id=55 [...]

  7. Paris, JULY 2, 2013
    Dear friends,
    With of lot of delay, I sign the petition…
    “the delay of justice” (Haml.Shakesp.)is extraordinary when it has to do with powerful political leaders and representatives.
    It is clear that each time necessary the State behaves like a murdering mechanism with its citizens – preferably with the youth, who is not yet entirely conditioned to the rules of hierarchy and systems.
    I understand that some members of the police (head or basis) have been judged 11 or 12 years after – but will not go to jail, though they have caused enormous traumatisms to many people demonstrating against mondial political oligarchy organizing the “G8″.
    It is underlined – in your articles – that the people demonstrating against the G8 politics, who have been arrested – have been sent for several years in jail – under the pretext that they have damaged some kind of equipment –
    My opinion is that most of states are so fascist (under the cover of mediatic systems) that they can be qualified as nazis in their strategies, though it cannot appear clearly – as long as there is no civil war. Though, the strategy of technocrates is to keep unbearable inequality (suppressing works and supports – suppressing important budgets for education, culture, health, dwelling, transports, etc.) – and to compensate the social desequilibra with endless control and police or army strategies.
    Then, part of the intelligentsia who could give other orientation to the social and political fields are regularly punished and traumatised – as well as the people of the basis who try to fight against the “system”.

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